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Though both had life jackets on, Talley threw his to his daughter, who swam to shore.Authorities were dispatched to the lake around p.m. MORE CANYON LAKE DROWNINGS: Body of 65-year-old found floating hours before drowned teen pulled from water The body found by a nonprofit search and rescue group positively was identified as that of Marc Ma, officials said Monday.His travelling companion is a battered leather suitcase packed with a change of clothes and a gun.“I just wanted to do the most real, honest portrayal of a guy and to do things that hadn’t been seen before on television,” he said in a 2004 interview.“I really wanted to do that with all my heart and soul.”Despite attracting audiences of up to 15 million in Britain, the 1967-8 series was less successful in the United States, so it was cancelled after just one run of 30 episodes – and gun-for-hire Mc Gill remained Bradford’s only starring role on screen.Later, there was kudos in appearing as a naval officer in Missing (1982), director Costa-Gavras’s searing indictment of American involvement in the 1973 military coup in Chile, and Bradford was memorable as an Irish police chief arguing in an alley with Sean Connery in the 1987 big-screen remake of the hit TV series The Untouchables.Ten years later, he had a good role as a corrupt police captain in Hoodlum.

Rugged and grey-haired, with a cigarette stuck firmly in the corner of his mouth, American actor Richard Bradford was strangely enigmatic as the moody, intense CIA agent-turned-private investigator Mc Gill in Man in a Suitcase.

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The 21-year-old University of Nevada -- Reno football player drowned last summer while paddle boarding near Homewood in Lake Tahoe.

His parents, who live in Hawaii, want to pass along the message of wearing a life jacket.

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  1. ‘“Yeah, but that’s because you’re looking for me.’” So would a potential attacker, surely? Out of context, it’s very difficult for people to identify me.’”To be fair, he’s the only man in the club who looks like Action Man in retirement.